I Help High Impact Women Become Masterful Creators Of Their Wildest Dreams


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Meet Dr. Shyamala Kiru 

I’m an Ex-Psychotherapist of 20 years turned Mentor for high-impact women. I’m obsessed with helping you reclaim your personal power + become a masterful creator of your dream life. 

I work with visionary women who desire to show up more powerfully in every aspect of their lives; their business, their relationships and how they show up for themselves.

I passionately create programs and offers that align with my purpose – to equip women with the skills they need to step into their most powerful self.  

This is the space where you can meet yourself again and truly embody your magnetic energy.

I use cutting-edge modalities in my work that can catapult you toward effortless and aligned growth 


I work with visionary & high-impact women who desire to…

  • Fully step into their personal power

  • Unlock the potency of their feminine energy 

  • Lead with magnetic confidence, in their life, business and relationships

When it comes to embodied leadership, the “traditional” approaches are ineffective. The “traditional” strategies that lead to success (hustle, grind and always do more) often leave women feeling disconnected from their own inner wisdom and intuitive knowledge. 

My method is different.

My programs and mentorship deliver on all fronts.

I create highly practical mentorship opportunities, workshops and resources that will lead yourself toward wild self-trust, a deeper connection to your personal power and a richer understanding of your own feminine magnetism. 

Creating the success you desire, both personally and professionally, requires innovative training, intuitive guidance and a personalized strategy.

If You Are Ready To Unlock Your Feminine Power, Confidence And Magnetism In Every Way, You're In The Right Place.

Explore Ways To Work With Me

Self Study Programs

Resources for every stage of self-discovery.

Real Power: The Frequency Of Your Most Powerful Self

Magnetize: Embody Magnetic Confidence

Emotion and Energy In Communication: Integrate Personal Power + Assertive Communication